Amberleigh West - Stay Gold (2016) HD 720p



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Amberleigh West - Stay Gold (2016) HD 720p

Playmate Amberleigh West goes for the gold in this set from photographer Sasha Eisenman. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Amberleigh is accustomed to cool, wet weather, and a shoot in sunny California was just what the doctor ordered. “Being outside comes so naturally to me,” says Amberleigh happily. “I may seem shy, but once you get to know me, I have a really fun, crazy and wild side. I can run just as fast and play just as hard as the boys.” Amberleigh had dreamed of becoming a Playmate, and even while she was on set, she couldn’t believe her moment had finally arrived. “I never actually thought it could happen,” she says. “It was so unreal to be there, and I’m so excited to be doing this!” Do it all with Playmate Amberleigh West, right here on Playboy Plus.

Official Release Date: Jan 2, 2016
Actors: Amberleigh West
Studio: PlayBoyPlus

Amberleigh West - Stay Gold (2016) HD 720p

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