Litia - My Companion (2016) HD 720p



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Litia - My Companion (2016) HD 720p

Staring idly out the window, Litia is lost in a sensuous daydream. Turning to indulge in her fantasies, her arousal obvious, she pulls down the strap of her purple dress and reveals an achingly beautiful full breast. Bathed in sunlight, the dress pools on the floor as her panties slowly and tantalizingly are removed. As she reclines on the bed and begins to masturbate, we have a perfect vantage point to watch her fingers glide through her lush bush. Litia then begins to play with a glass dildo, alternating between sucking on it and licking her own nipples. Finally she lowers the toy and pushes it inside of her pussy.

Official Release Date: Jan 8, 2016
Actors: Litia
Studio: TheLifeErotic

Litia - My Companion (2016) HD 720p

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